Veka Perfectline

VEKA Perfectline is the latest generation of multi-profiles of classical and very elegant lines. The system allows you to create the perfect Perfectline windows ensuring the residents of more excellent protection against heat and noise.
It allows the building to give each individual character, in accordance with the wishes and expectations of the household. Wide range of colours and patterns will satisfy the most sophisticated tastes and allows for smooth incorporation of windows in the elegant facade of any kind. Window styles emphasize gaskets; classical and expressive - black or elegant and subdued - gray. Choosing one of them gives you additional opportunities to shape the architecture of your own home.
According to its name, the system VEKA Perfectline is perfection in every detail, including the internal construction of the profile. Width of 70 mm and five chambers provide optimal functional properties, high thermal insulation, excellent protection against noise, and stability guaranteed by the windows during their lifetime. The new axle design of the crenel ferrule
of 13 mm, this adjusts the system to meet the growing market requirements. It also allows mounting of a new generation of ferrules, ensuring a higher standard of safety.
Perfectline VEKA system is designed in a way to use other multiple chambers products of systems VEKA in the structures. This creates virtually unlimited possibilities of enrichment Perfectline VEKA system through the use the best solutions for VEKA Topline. It is the harmonious interplay of systems, regardless of their individual merits and the possibility of construction permits to develop solutions that ensure compliance with the most individual wishes.
System Perfectline window with shutters

Shutters are protection of the house from the sun, cold, wind, noise. Shutters protect against outside intrusion. Shutters are acting as a decorative building facade, giving a unique and individual character.
There are shutters either with fixed or movable fins that allow any adjustment of the intensity of room light. Swingline profile construction is distinguished by rounded contours of sashes, and elegant profile line fit into any architectural style.


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