Heat-insulating glass
The main task posed before the glass building is now the thermal protection. Most heat escapes the building through the chimney, by the gravity vents, and through the window - along more than 60% of losses.
Approximately 30% passes through the walls and roof of the building. The measure of determining the amount of heat loss is the value of the heat transfer coefficient U, which is pervading the amount of heat per unit time by an element with an area of 1m2 building at the temperature difference between inner and outer surface of 1 degree K factor is expressed in W/m2 * K. Heat glass consists of two panes including one glass is an invisible layer of a combination of precious metals, which prevents the penetration of heat from a room outside.

In space between the panes there is inter-gas (argon, krypton or xenon). U- coefficient of heat-transfer, Rw - acoustic insulation, LT - light transmittance, LR - light reflection. AQUACLEAN glass is self-cleaning glass by the action of water. It is obtained by superimposing a thin and transparent coating with a hydrophilic material.
Water falling on the glass dissolves evenly on the surface of the shell, causing the effect of washing, and then evaporates quickly without leaving any traces. Other properties of glass are the same as the classical properties of glass. AQUACLEAN glass can be combined with laminated and tempered glass. Application of glass heat-insulating gives us: energy saving heat which protects the environment by reducing emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the optimal room temperature, high light transmission, reducing the phenomenon of condensation on the inside of the package, reducing the permeability of UV radiation.

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