Veka Effectline

VEKA Effectline is a solid five-chamber construction. Windows with VEKA Effectline profiles stand for security and ease of use.
This is an ideal solution for each apartment. Effective noise suppression is a prerequisite for the well-being and health of the inhabitants of the house. With the special design of profiles and the possibility of deposition of thicker glass, Effectline VEKA system protects against burdensome of the outside noise. It is ideal for all who value peace and quiet of domestic hearth.
VEKA systems Effectline window profiles certified for Class A are distinguished by the thickness of the external walls of the 3 mm (dimensional tolerance 0.2 mm) and the presence of internal chambers, whose width exceeds 5 mm. System EFECTLINE are:-The depth of 70 mm and 5 ventricular of geometry, wall thickness of external profiles 2.8 - 3.2 mm, which meets the highest standards RAL "Class A" (BS EN 12608).

Coextruded external seals are specially designed to protect against the infiltration of cold air and humidity. Steel strengthens best known for the other 70-millimeter profile, providing static stability and long-term functionality. -Slim design with elegant and classical optics Perfectline.-Very low total amount of lateral sashes and frame profiles, amounting to 109 mm provides greater glazing surface and excellent interior illumination.
Certain standard mounting fittings in the sash and window arm. Wide-range availability of compatible and complementary components of the total of 70-millimeter VEKA Perfectline profile systems.

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