Lacquered windows in all RAL colours
Painted windows in all RAL colours. Painted profiles program creates new opportunities for the design of facades and arrangement of the interiors in residential premises and public buildings.

The basic argument is the possibility to choose a colour from a wide palette of RAL colours, and the kind of profile - available in a range of painting there are all kinds of profiles in white.

When placing an order colour (s) of RAL palette must be clarified and made clear by defining a colour number. The warranty on the painted windows is the same as for other windows, which we have in offer, i.e. it is valid for 5 years.

The windows can be washed and cleaned with the generally available means to wash the windows with, while avoiding the means that would permanently damage and scratch the painted surface, (e.g. for washing do not use brushes, cleaners for the cookware, and means such as milk containing abrasive granules, powders).

window painted in RAL colour

window in silver colour RAL 9006 with autoPilot Comfort WK1 fittings

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