Low ground terrace brace for cripplehood trolley
Step in the balcony window does not need to be an obstacle when the lower profile of the framework is replaced by the flat step. The solution is to use a special hitch K-SEF, which is flush with the plane of the threshold of doors. With this coupling it is possible to design the fittings with the function of tilt – turn or just turn, which also provides sealing of the window at the bottom.
Persons in wheelchairs will not have any problem with overcoming such barrier in the terrace window (balcony). An important objective in the assembly planning is the fact that in the balcony window there is a balcony connection on the bottom with a height of 45mm, which increases the insulation of the construction from the bottom. This connection must be fixed in the step. Therefore, the sizing of this type of construction should be given a "normal" size and the connection shall be taken in mind which must be let into the step to a depth of 45mm.

In the WH WINDOWS program in window constructions in the system PERFECTLINE - mark PF step PVC 20mm

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