As the company announces Winkhaus, fitting activPilot replace in the near future autoPilot fitting.

ActivPilot is based on a completely new locking system. Octagonal mushroom shaped pins very smoothly cooperate with the new hangers. Greater comfort is a merit the window is also a new lever to the windows with moving bars, conveniently activated button.

More features
ActivPilot has a number of new or greatly modified elements that enhance the functionality of the tilt-till out fitting. A complete novelty is a hybrid combining the functions of the lock handle slip in and balcony latch. The multi-functional mechanism does not require any special elements of the framework. Works in conjunction with a standard anti-break in catch (SEF), complete with a universal adapter. In turn, a new mechanism for multi-OS tilt MSL can be used in activPilot to hiatus all sizes, including the narrow windows.
Mindful of the users of windows, the designers also took care of the easy assembly of this element - without tools.

Fewer elements
A great metamorphosis of the framework elements. The most important transformations relate the coupling K-SEF. In activPilot fitting you can use the same hook to the windows right hand and left. It consists of a universal part of the steel and tailored to the profile material element. Innovation is undeniable on unification corners. In activPilot to the tilt- out window, three identical corners will be assembled instead of three different types of corners that we use today.

Mushroom or roller?
The distinguish between new fittings in the market are innovative details. The new system of locking, based on an octagonal mushroom meets the safety requirements specified in the standards DIN V ENV 1627-1630.
It is the only solution that combines the safety latch (mushroom) with a manually adjustable clamp wing to the frame, acting like a roll locking. Therefore, it is called roller-mushroom. Thanks to its modular design the ball (only 3 types) can be freely configured safety class sold the window depending on the applied part of the framework. WK 2 safety standard is obtained by changing the ball and do their only two elements to a set of tilt- tilt out fittings.
In the secure SEF latch mounting system has changed. With this modification, the latch is always mounted to the strengthening of the profile frame. All new items work properly with the framework mushroom-roller in scope of the groove clearance from 9.5 to 14.5 mm.

The mechanism of multi-purpose - a hybrid which combines the functions of the lock handle, slip in and balcony latch.

Hinges brake
Very important changes have occurred also in latch making.
The Pucella hinge is equipped with a special plastic sleeve. Retail is a very positive influence on the stability of the positioning of the wings against the door frame. At the same time it obtains the braking function of the open wings. Hinged lower will be available in three different capacity, including the wings, heavy (up to 150 kg). Hinges are still a wide field of regulation on two levels and further regulate pressure to the wing frame.

ActivPilot for the windows of moving bars is equipped with elegant lever with a button. Press to eject the lever. Universal latch-type K-SEF to the windows right hand and left work with mushroom-roller. This combination meets the safety WK standards.

Grace and unpretentiousness
Designers of activPilot certainly managed to bring into force the third demand - an elegant new gear for windows with moving bars.
The mechanism of the fittings is combined with the plane of fitting groove. The lever used to open a wing is equipped with a neat button. Press to eject the lever. The shape of the ball in activPilot refers to the latest trends in industrial design. If we demand the trouble to count the elements of the new fittings, we find that the successor to the autopilot got thinner compared with his great predecessor. And this "diet" came out on his health. The "leaner" product can be neatly compiled in sets corresponding to individual wishes of the buyers of the window.
This is both a security level and one of several window functions. Lock handle, slip in or latch balcony; we have known for a long time. The key here is revealing how to design these features in activPilot. We bow before the designers of new fittings.

Winkhaus activPilot Comfort PADK promo video

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