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Ethos profile distinguishes with a unique shape half obversed sashes, produced by VEKA for AMBERLINE.
Five chamber system provides excellent protection and a strong suppression of thermal noise. Using the inside glazing slot allows easy fitting of all types of roller shutters available on the market. Ethos profiles without additional security systems allows to build sash with a width of 1500 mm.
Profile available only in Class A

Arched window in the system Ethos, with heads and decorative

Decorative strips glued on the windows allow refreshing the appearance of old buildings and historic buildings, while retaining their old-style.
Amberline takes care of monuments
Decorative Window ornaments charm in delightful shape, strikingly stylizing the window. To preserve the architectural character, the maintenance work in buildings under the protection of monuments, decorative heads are used as well as decorative mouldings and antique mouldings.


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