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ARTLINE is a window designed for followers of minimalism and purism in architecture.
It is a window with the frame almost invisible from the outside and huge glazing surface compared to traditional windows.
ARTLINE is a combination of two of the most desirable features in today's architecture :
First: minimal construction !
Second: maximum space !
The spectacular effect outside the building is achieved by a structure which consists of an optical hidden sides of the sash behind the frame and almost completely hidden frame in the insulation of the building (eg. in polystyrene).
Obtained as a result large glazing opens a space on outdoor landscape and increases the lighting inside, using the natural energy from the Sun.

ARTLINE window is therefore extremely visually appealing and provides comfort for the health and well-being of inhabitants.
What is more, for the supporters of unusual windows, ARTLINE is offered in the shape of an arc. It is also possible to use one of three types of decorative bars: inside glazing, adhesive georgian bars or mullions dividing structure of the window.

Despite the large glazing, thanks to a multi-chamber profile with a installation depth of up to 82 mm, the window maintains excellent heat transfer coefficient as well as noise and moisture insulation .
And in conjunction with the triple glazing, three gaskets and installation method directly in the insulation of the building it retains all the properties of the passive window.

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