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This is yet another innovative product from Amberline, which enables constant contact with home for any user of the mobile device from anywhere on earth.
AmberSmartSystem is an intelligent and technologically advanced system for monitoring and controlling window joinery in the house.

Just a computer or any mobile device with Internet access is enough to control from any place in the world :
Tilt and closing of the windows,
Unsealing (parallel opening) of the window;
Translucency (transparency) of the windows glass;
Opening and closing the patio doors.

Thanks to AmberSmart System it is also possible to program (manually or remotely) any scenarios for all of above functions depending on the season, time of day, temperature, rainfall, presence or absence of the inhabitants in the house.

By creating an intelligent window and door we have not forgotten our priority attributes, such as energy efficiency, safety and functionality.
And so:
By using AmberSmartSystem we created
Smart and energy efficient window AMBERSMART based on VEKA profile SOFTLINE 82 MD
Smart and secure window AMBERSAFE based on Winkhaus PADM system
intelligent and ergonomic HITECH terrace doors
To increase the safety of residents and reduce energy losses of houses - each window can be integrated with roller shutter connected to the Ambersmart system.
AmberSmartSystem can be further integrated with flood sensors , fire detectors and alarm system..

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