Sliding door in pas version
"New Amberline Perspective" is a motto, which has been applied by the Amberline company in 2012 through introduction of innovative and pioneering technological solutions for window- and door frame-woodwork i.e. Amberterm, which is the best energy-saving window on the market of Uw= 0,58 W/m2K coefficient for the whole as well as aluminium front door with double-sided attachment panel, which opens through a fingerprint reader.
In 2013, Amberline continues implementation of modern solutions and is proud to present a new product HOISTING SLIDING DOOR IN PAS VERSION.
HOISTING SLIDING DOOR IN PAS VERSION are the safe and energy-saving door intended for those, who value safety of homestead and take care of health aspects of its occupants.
Airing rooms systematically contribute to health and wellness. Steady inflow of fresh air prevents accumulation of moisture as well as unaesthetic and hazardous mildew. However, when we leave balcony or terrace door open, we put ourselves at risk of burglary or flooding with rainwater.
duoPort PAS sliding ferrule is a new product of renowned Winkhaus company - the Amberline's ferrule supplier. It has been introduced as an answer to increasing demand for eco-minded, safe and energy-saving architectural solutions, which are friendly to health.
Doors of PAS version feature the function of slot ventilation. A parallel gap between sash and the frame provides safe ventilation and prevents moisture accumulation. It allows control over the inflow of fresh air, natural protection against excessive decrease of temperature inside, saves energy and protects against the outside noise. Since the gap has only up to 6mm, it is invisible from the outside, and the door remains safe against burglary, flooding or other nasty surprises.

duoPort PAS technical specification:
The new duoPort PAS fitting system provides three functionalities: sliding, locking and slot ventilation – everything with a single handle. Thanks to energy storage devices and integrated dumper it is possible to slide doors of up to 160kg. The ferrule can be used in 2-, 3- or 4-piece constructions; it has also been adapted to multilocular profiles of increased thermal-insulating properties. Due to a special construction of air latch and bogies, the duoPort PAS system allows easier and smoother operation than existing constructions. FSF handle locking solution taken from activPilot system prevents faulty operation. Opening and closing of the sash is supported by dumpers and special energy storage units. Modern components and well-planned solutions provide exceptional comfort of using sliding windows with the new ferrule. Octagonal locking bolts in combination with steel mini vent offer increased security, even in the standard version. duoPort PAS system enables construction of sliding doors, which meet the requirements of RC2 class anti-burglar protection according to DIN EN 1627-1630 standard. The protection applies also when the frame remains in parallel position.
duoPort PAS system features locking and fastening taken from the activPilot system, which facilitate storage and assembly of the ferrule. Consistency of both systems provides efficient production of the windows as well as significant savings in logistics. Factory-completed sets of rails decrease workload at production and assembly. The ferrule can be easily adapted to the above requirements of anti-burglar protection.
duoPort PAS technical specification “in a nutshell”:
- for sliding PVC constructions
- allowable sash weight: 160 kg
- sash rebate width: 750 to 1650 mm
- sash rebate height: 650 to 2300 mm
- opening width: 125 mm
- free size of the frame: 35 mm
- can be used in building being renovated
- produced according to guidelines for modern and energy-saving architecture

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