Sound absorbing glass

Soundproof windows. Protection against noise is one of the major problems of our lives. Provided to ensure proper comfort, and sometimes even live in the room is to ensure low noise levels. Protection against noise must be used wherever you cannot eliminate the source of the noise. In this case, we use sound-absorbing composite shafts. Sound sets are constructed on the basis of asymmetry in the set, a flexible combination of glazing and the use of depressants such as gas sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) in the inter-space. Double glazing reach the limits of the sound insulation Rw = 30 to 50 dB. By choosing an appropriate acoustic insulation should always indicate the source of noise and its characteristics. It is the act of having a significant impact on the effectiveness of damp noise. In addition, it should be remembered with a special mounting structure that provides adequate attenuation class. Also inform the frequency band, but sets the average attenuation in the frequency range from 100Hz to 3150Hz.

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