HOPPE is the leading company in the European market in the development, production and sales of window and door fittings systems from aluminium, stainless steel, plastic and brass. Approximately 3,000 employees in Europe and the U.S.A. and global sales network of distribution companies in Switzerland, France, Spain, Britain and the U.S.A. care for a comfort of living in every detail, thanks to the "good handle".


SECUSTIK ATLANTA 0530-US952 HANDLE of HOPPE. This is a new generation of intelligent handles by Hoppe Company called SECUSTIK. For the first time in the handles there was the handle turning locking mechanism used, which protects the window against attempts to break-in by moving the locking elements of the fittings from the outside (intelligent break-in).

Moreover, the SECUSTIK handle turning is accompanied by a characteristic sound, whose task is to warn the household, when someone manipulates with the windows. Sound, which the turned handle makes, gives us as well the certainty that every movement of the handle is proper. Application of SECUSTIK handles raises the aesthetic and functional qualities of the windows.

Available colours: white, brown, silver-F1, old gold – F4, steel – F9.

The handle mounted in standard to windows in the PERFECTLINE profile.

Handle 0530/US952 Secustik Atlanta WhiteHandle 0530/US952 Secustik Atlanta BrownHandle 0530/US952 Secustik Atlanta F1 SilverHandle 0530/US952 Secustik Atlanta F4 Old GoldHandle 0530/US952 Secustik Atlanta F9 Steel


The handle has a patented locking mechanism to prevent manipulation with it from the outside of the window by moving frame fitting. Characteristic and audible sound at turning the handle in its precise mechanism signalizes that the security feature is active.
Available colours: white, brown, champagne – F2, old gold-F4, steel- F9.

Handle Hoppe Secustik Luxemburg 099/US952 WhiteHandle Hoppe Secustik Luxemburg 099/US952 BrownHandle Hoppe Secustik Luxemburg 099/US952 F2 ChampagneHandle Hoppe Secustik Luxemburg 099/US952 F4 Old GoldHandle Hoppe Secustik Luxemburg 099/US952 F9 Steel


The rounded line and smooth shape is characteristic for the HANDLE TEKLA of HOPPE. Available in white. The handle is mounted in standard in the profile of EFECTLINE.

Handle Tekla White


Safe Handle Hoppe SECU 100 with a key.

Handles meet the requirements of DIN V EN 1627-1630. It means that they are recommended to be fitted in the windows with the increased resistance to break-in!
They have characteristic high resistance against breaking off and turning (100Nm). They are a very good protection of the window against opening by children. Moreover, the handles are elegant, ergonomic, and the big key is easy to seize and turn in the handle.

Handles available in following colours: white, brown, silver (F1), gold (F3), old gold (F4), steel (F9). By locking the handle with the key, your window will be protected against the opening from the outside!

Handle Hoppe Secustik 0710S Secu100 Tokyo whiteHandle Hoppe Secustik 0710S Secu100 Tokyo blackHandle Hoppe Secustik 0710S Secu100 Tokyo F1 silverHandle Hoppe Secustik 0710S Secu100 Tokyo F3 goldHandle Hoppe Secustik 0710S Secu100 Tokyo F4 old gold


Combination of Secustik handle and mentioned above the handle with the key – it is such called Secu Handle 100 + Secustik, which combines the advantages of both solutions.
Handle fulfils the standard requirements for anti-break-in windows, protects against the opening the window by children (such as Secu 100) and at the same time protects against attempts of "intelligent" break-in by moving locking fittings elements from the outside (such as Secustik) even when the insert is not barred. Moreover Secu100 + Secustik makes characteristic sound by turning the handle.
Due to the high interest of Customers we have introduced the handle to our basic offer – it is available on a regular sales in three basic colours - white, F4 and F9.


Moulding Technology Ltd is one of the most important in Poland and internationally recognized manufacturers and suppliers of construction and furniture accessories. It is a producer of the highest quality die casting from zinc alloy, aluminium, magnesium and plastics.

Anti-break-in window handles Neptune.

FAM Window handle with button FAM Window handle with key


Plastic handle Cargo SwingWindow handle for windows opening outside

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