Protecting glass
Ensures the protection against injury by the same glass in the event of breakdowns and the attack outside. Construction Protective glass must have a structure to ensure the desired mechanical strength of glass. Relevant technical parameters is obtained by using laminated glass, which arises from the combination of two or more panes of float glass with a layer of special PVB ( polivinylbuten).
The more film and glass, the greater the strength of the glass. An example is the construction of laminated glass 33.1 or 44.4, where the first two digits indicate the thickness of float glass, and the next number of layers of PVB (usually with a thickness of 0.38 mm). Protective glass building is divided into: windows safe-should be applied where due to terms of use, there is the danger of broken glass, and people are injured range of glass splinters (hospitals, schools, nurseries, shop windows).

Windows with increased resistance to burglary (theft)-use when we want to protect property while maintaining the appearance of the facade or barrier construction. Safety glass – resin consist of two or more layers of glass glued together with a layer of light curing resin.
The main advantage of this technology is the possibility of combining different types of glass with different functions such as ornaments, Stopsol. The difference between laminated glass and resin glass concerns permeability of UV rays. Laminated glass absorbs much UV radiation, while the glass resin transmits UV rays, so is suitable for winter gardens, light and skylights. Tempered glass - is obtained through the glass heated to a suitable temperature and then subjected to the process of cooling them. Tempering is calk eliminate thermal cracks that may arise in the elevation glass exposed to intense sunlight.
In the case of breaking of tempered, glass creates blunt edge small glass particles that reduces the risk of injury. Reinforced glass - wire mesh in addition to the protective functions against breaking glass can act as flame retardants, but only to the class E30 and E60.
Bulletproof glass. Their task is protecting against fire from small arms. Bulletproof glass is made of several layers of foil and glass. In this category there are 5 classes from S1 to S5.

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