European Certificate of Quality ift Q-ZERT
According to PN-EN 12608 norm, with the exception of administration windows profiles the ift Certificate Q-ZERT ensures the purchase of perfect windows.

European Certificate of Quality ift Q-ZERT is available only for window producers in the profiles system VEKA.

VEKA Poland is the only producer of window profiles systems in Poland, which gained the ability of product certification with European Quality Certificate ift Q-ZERT, which is a test of high-quality products.
The identification of products with this certificate in the practice gives the buyer the certainty of the purchase of the highest quality windows.

European Union countries are going to replace the existing national standards, describing the technical requirements for the product, which is the window joinery, with such called The Harmonized Standard. The new standard introduces compulsory identification marking with the CE mark.
The project of the introduction of a Harmonized Standard foresees the date of the Interim phase, i.e. the national standards and the Harmonized Standards marked as EN 14531-1) will coexist, in October 2006. The transitional period will last 12 months. The content of the Harmonized Standard was made public in April 2006 (information: Institute ift Rosenheim and VEKA AG).

European Institute of Building Technology ift Rosenheim, developed the rules for the certification of European window frames. Confirmation of obtaining a certificate ift Rosenheim is the right to mark the products with the European Quality Sign ift-Q ZERT.

Rules developed by IFT Rosenheim for the certification of products – windows with European Quality Sign ift Q-ZERT are based on a combination of:

* Technical requirements contained in the Harmonized Standard EN 14351-1 confirmed with test results of the design solutions (e.g., VEKA), and
* the RAL Quality Mark confirming the high quality of the profiles with * the requirements specified by ISO 9001 on the organization of production and preparation of production and service of the company.

This means that the way to receive the European Quality Mark ift Q-ZERT consists of several stages, and none of them can be skipped. Quality Mark ift Q-ZERT confirms that the produced windows in the controlled company, meet in the structure window classification the highest class requirements for mechanical properties: * resistance to wind loads according to EN 12210 - Class C2/B4!

* rain water leak proof EN 12208 - Class 9A! * Leak proof of air permeability according to EN 12207 - Class 4!

Therefore, the obtained by VEKA Poland the European Quality Mark ift Q-ZERT is truly the undisputed proof of highest quality manufactured window systems.

Developed by ift Rosenheim certification program for the European Quality Mark ift Q-ZERT, was adopted for the implementation by VEKA Poland in April 2005. We have made an effort to ensure that through this Certificate the windows of VEKA system are a product, for which the European market is wide open.

According to the VEKA Poland "Safe Window" Campaign we invited the manufacturers of windows in VEKA systems to make this ambitious program as well. Thanks to VEKA Poland already in August 2005 the first audits were held in the companies producing windows with our systems and determined to conform to the requirements associated with the introduction of the European Quality Mark ift Q-ZERT. The campaign has been introduced there.
It is a windows manufacturer’s statement declaring a consistence of physical and mechanical properties of the product - window with the requirements set in the Harmonized Standard. Guaranteed declaration is a personal responsibility of the company owner. Note that the CE mark does not determine the quality of the product. Confirmation of the quality of the manufactured windows is the Quality Mark ift Q-ZERT.

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