Veka profiles "A" class
Only VEKA, only class A

The next generation of window profiles enters the market, allowing the construction of the woodwork with even better functional performance and more sophisticated technology.

But among many manufacturers, only VEKA has in its offer only the profiles of the highest class "A" in accordance with PN-EN 12608.
Outer walls of these profiles are 3 mm thickness and width of the inner chambers is at least 5 mm. These are key parameters for optimum protection of households against cold and noise, at the same time providing the stability and sustainability of the windows. Profiles with thinner walls, from the lower classes "B" and "C" no longer have such a high resistance to damage and are, for example, often more susceptible to cracking of the corners.

Unfortunately, in the finished window is not possible to determine what class of profile has been used to produce it. Only in the case of VEKA profiles it is certain that they are from Class "A", since the lower class of VEKA profiles simply is not produced.

Good choice

Window woodwork is a product with a very long life cycle. Is generally purchased with the intention of the operation for 30 - 40 years, and his replacement is associated with major renovation work.
In such an investment there is no room for mistakes and corrections. One shall select once and well. Meanwhile, the selection of the optimal window profile system is complicated - difficult even for professionals. On the market the investor faces a number of information - impossible to verify and often conflicting with each other, or incomparable about the advantages and disadvantages of different systems. A large part of the information is pure marketing, and sometimes deliberately leads astray.
In addition, checking in the mounted window the properties used in its profile production is practically impossible. What shall we do in such situation?

Gain the confidence

There is one reliable and quick way to separate the wheat from the chaff: Just choose a manufacturer of the window profiles, whose all systems are classified on the basis of a research of the renowned institute, and in accordance with PN-EN 12608 norm for the highest class A .
The only producer in Poland that meets this criterion is VEKA, what is documented by the certification of the institute RAL (Deutsches Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung e. V.). Choosing VEKA window system you can be sure - this is a class A *! Window profiles of a class A * distinguish with the external wall thickness which is min. 3 mm and the width of the inner chambers exceeding 5 mm.
For their production, it is necessary to use 10% of PVC more than in the production of the profiles of Class B. These key parameters provide the following use features:

- The low vulnerability. The thick walls of VEKA profile Class A * provide strong connection of the window corners, which prevents against the dangerous effect of cracking in welds. The strength of the window corners made of these profiles is much above the strength of the profiles of the class B and C.

- High stability. VEKA profile Class A * contribute to increasing the stability of the framework and the sashes on bending and twisting, especially those with large dimensions. The resistance of profiles from pulling out of screws used for hardware mounting also increases by 20% in relation to the Class B

- Excellent resistance against temperature changes.
It is essential in our climate, where daily changes in temperature can be very large. Let's make analysis of early spring. Temperatures at night are negative (-2 degrees C), on sunny day they reach up to 16 deg C. During few hours between morning and noon the window profile must perform a huge work taking in such a short time, such a large dose of energy. Profile expands. When dusk falls the process turns. The window profile is cooled and shrinks in the short time.
There are high tension, especially at the corners of windows. Thick walls of all VEKA profiles provide excellent static and powerful connection of window corners, without any danger that they may break.

- Excellent sound insulation performance. VEKA profile Class A* have also significantly higher acoustic comfort thanks to the effective suppression of noise coming from outside.

Necessarily read before you make a decision to buy windows or doors!
Each VEKA profile is produced in the Class A*. It is the highest class of profiles. The external wall profiles are 3 mm thick and the width of the inner chamber is at least 5 mm. These are very important dimensions. Profiles with thinner walls, belonging to the lower classes B and C do not protect your household in an optimal way from cold and noise.
They are not so stable as they are thinner. In the produced window we do not have the chance to check which class of profile has been used for it. Windows of VEKA profiles guarantee that the profiles are made of Class A *. Where do we have such a guarantee from? As VEKA Poland is the only manufacturer on the market that produces its products exclusively in Class A *!

Our PVC profiles is safe for human health

VEKA profiles are made of impact-resistant hardened polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This material belongs to the oldest and most known and studied plastics. It consists of raw PVC and many additives, which include mainly:

Titanium dioxide - an excellent, extremely durable, white pigment. Chalk, which is calcium carbonate - a material which increases rigidity and resistance to heat. Stabilizers to prevent thermal damage to the PVC during processing and during use, and damage due to climatic influences, in particular due to UV radiation.
These additives are crucial to ensure adequate strength profiles of aging. Stabilizers are nothing more than metal salts. These are tried and tested over 40 years the lead and tin salts and the newly tested, observed and used for only several years the calcium and zinc salts.

Dyes, such as soot and other organic substances.All these components are firmly chemically bounded and have no negative impact on human health. Therefore PVC is irreplaceable in the manufacture of many products that need to be reliable. Typical products – apart from windows and doors - that are made of PVC are water pipes, floor coverings, packaging of tablets, bags for blood and infusion tubes, the edges of furniture, wallpapers.

For the production of VEKA profiles there are high quality materials used. Suppliers of raw PVC and essential additives are only the best and recognized companies in the chemical industry. Experiences are conducted in the professional laboratories. The customer receives the tested and studied product, and therefore completely safe.

Certified profile - trust the independent

An expert assessment of the windows profiles quality is done in the institutions specialized for years in the chemistry and engineering building. Basing on rigorous testing, only the best products are granted with the approvals and certification. Nowadays, it is necessary to check more and more closely the documents that have been awarded by an independent state institutions.
Increasingly, the certificates are in fact a marketing trick invented by the producers themselves. Such a "marketing certificates" are often the guise of lack of safety certificates. It is therefore necessary to look for windows made from a secure profile systems, with certificates awarded by an independent state institutions.

Only profiles with all of the following attestation and certificates guarantee the complete safety. Here is a list of attestations and certificates of independent national institutions, which the really safe profiles should have:

* Technical approvals granted by the Building Research Institute (ITB) - ensure the safety of the structure.
* Hygienic approval of National Institute of Hygiene – guarantees the safe use, without affecting the health.
* Fire protection approval - ensures safety in case of fire.
* RAL quality mark - it ensures the high production quality with an excellent performance.
* class of profiles. The highest class is Class A *. You should ask for a written confirmation of the class of the window profile.

It should be noted that not all certificates are obligatory. VEKA has all approvals and certificates, the obligatory ones as well as the optional in Poland and in the European Union.
We attest and check our products, because the security of the user is in the foreground in our company.

VEKA is a well-known worldwide brand!

VEKA brand is a sign of the highest quality known worldwide.Profiles produced in Skierniewice correspond to the most restrictive provisions. They have exactly the same quality as the ones produced in Germany, Spain, Denmark, and many other countries in Europe and in the world.
The factory in Poland has been operating already for 12 years. We employ over 200 employees and we are constantly developing. This means that we have millions of the customers that trusted us. Why? Because we are here and now, because you can always ask us for advice, because our investments oblige us to produce in the highest quality.

Think eco-friendly, but do not get influenced by appearances

Make sure of your safety. Windows from VEKA profiles meet all eco standards. They are safe, therefore, they are in hospitals, schools and many other public buildings. They have all the mandatory and optional attestations.

How can you recognize a good window profile? You should ask for:

* RAL quality mark - awarded by the Association for Quality of Window Systems made of Plastic.
*Class A* - given to the profiles by the RAL standards
* The Technical Approval ITB - awarded by the Institute for Building Technology.
* Hygiene Attestation of NIH - awarded by the National Institute of Hygiene.
* Attestation for fire protection - awarded by the Centre for Scientific Research of Fire Protection.
* ISO 9001: 2000 certification - awarded by the Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung von Anagementsystemen DQS GmbH.
Only the profile with all these documents is really safe!

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