Antisun glass
Modern solutions change the traditional construction material for the better in terms of quality, aesthetics, better energy use and easier installation. Such materials used by the modern architecture of glass visors are mainly used in offices and public buildings to improve their aesthetics, reduce unwanted heat indoors.
The distribution of solar energy in the glass makes part of the energy immediately reflected, some is absorbed and radiated through the glass on the outside and inside the room, while the remainder passes directly to the energy inside the room. Due to the appearance of glass and its impact on reducing solar radiation, penetrates to the inside of the room, glass shutters are divided into: Lead Absorption - the stained glass by weight.
Is produced by adding to the molten glass mass of small quantities of metal oxides, which cause corresponding colour glass (Antisol usually brown, gray, green, blue, etc.), stained glass, by weight, absorbs a significant part of solar radiation as a result, heats up and emits energy in the form radiant heat on the outside and inside the room. Glass during heating might arise in the thermal stress leading to cracking of glass, in order to avoid larger sizes should temper.
In our offer the absorbent glass is called Antisol and comes in blue, gray (graphite), green and brown. Reflective glass – is being used to reduce the amount of solar energy that permeables the window into the room. The Action of sunscreen reflective glass is about reflecting of solar radiation on the reflective shell. The process of coating glass reflective coating method on-line occurs at high temperatures, thus resulting coating, called pyrolytic, consisting of layers of metal oxides embedded in the surface layer of glass, characterized by high mechanical and chemical resistance.
Glass is being tempered and can bend. In our offer glass is called Stopsol or Antelio and appears in blue, gray (graphite), green, brown and silver.

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