ABC of window fittings
The Winkhaus Pilot system is the basic system of Tilt and Turn window fittings. The system enables the use
of many elements that improve practicality and ease of using the window. Most of them are able to be added even after many years of use.
This mechanism makes sure that the window is being used properly. It prevents casement tilt
while being opened and prevents the casement from falling out of the upper hinge. The Handle-Turn Blockade with lift ensures smooth movement from the opening to the closing position. This is highly recommended for large windows.
This fitting is a new product on the market. Its additional feature enables putting the casement off the frame. When you turn the handle up to the vertical position, it makes a 6 mm gap between the frame and casement.
It allows for ventilation for the bolted window. Thanks to the special catches the window is as safe from breaking in as if it was closed.
To make the aesthetics complete it is worth masking the hinges with covers of suitable color. Winkhaus standard colors include: white, brown, silver, steel, retro-gold and brass. Many other colors are available
upon special order.
We call it a mushroom. It is a special spindle that bolts the casing. This device, along with steel catches placed on the window frame, is called security spots. The more security spots, the less probability of breaking in.
Ventilation is possible with turning the handle 45 or 135 degrees. A 3 mm gap between the frame and casement enables ventilation. The casement remains in that position thanks to the unbolting catch.
The limit is 90 degrees.It protects the window bay from inclement weather. A special brake holds the window in
the wanted position.
Differences in temperature can cause the window material to fluctuate in size. That is why it is necessary to adjust the window to the casing. Winkhaus fittings provide the bolt rollers with the clamp adjustment option. This allows for adjustment of the clamp in different seasons of the year.
Gradual tilting is possible thanks to the MSL mechanism. Instead of only one position, you are able to choose between five to seven positions depending on weather conditions. The MSL mechanism allows the ventilation to be adjusted.
The patio latch prevents the opened door from hitting into the casing while the balcony is being used. When you go out on the balcony, you close the door by pulling the special handle – the catch holds the casement in the casing. The doors are opened again with slight pressure applied from outside.

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