The newest generation profile 6 chamber profile belonging to the highest quality grade 'A'. Outer walls of these profiles are 3 mm thickness and width of the inner chamber is at least 5 mm. These are key parameters for optimum protection of households against cold and noise, while providing stability and sustainability of the windows.

Building energy efficient houses (“thermos houses”) is not just fashion. With this idea, there are enormous savings of heat, lower operating costs, and protection to the environment. The objective is to minimize the building passive energy needed to heat the building. Its achievement is possible by eliminating thermal bridges with design house for outer dimension, ensuring high integrity of the building, energy efficient ventilation system with heat recovery, the minimum heat loss in the preparation and distribution of water for domestic purposes, and efficient use of electricity.Adequate and appropriate windows for energy efficient houses should have a low coefficient of heat transfer. This requirement fulfils the Alphaline window system, where for the whole window’s Uw = 0,8 W/m2K result is achievable.

Our innovative window is made of profiles to their "Alphaline" energy efficient homes of a transfer coefficient U = 1.0 and dual-chamber glazing filled with krypton factor transmittance U = 0.4, so we managed to get a fantastic rate of penetration of only 0.7 U = [W / (m ^ 2 * K)] for the whole construction.

Golden medal of Poznan International Fair Budma 2009 - AMBERTERM


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