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| 2017.04.29 - 12:42

New design dimension from AMBERLINE.
Gray eminence in the windows palette of colors.


Frontale 2016
| 2016.01.21 - 14:07

In 16-19.03.2016 in Nuremberg important international trade fair for the sector of joinery will take place.

FRONTALE 2016 is a prestigious event, in which Window Factory Amberline also takes part.

Amberline stand you will find in Hall 7, under the number 231.

Visiting Amberline there gives great opportunity to learn about the latest technological solutions in windows and doors of PVC and ALU.
Moreover there will be the premiere of products that on FRONTALE will be presented for the first time.

Windows from the north_part_2
| 2015.12.07 - 13:46

The second part of the corporate film "Windows from the North".

On the occasion of the 10th birthday Amberline created the second part of the corporate film "Butterfly."
"Butterfly" is a continuation of the film "The windows of the North", which shows that the products from Amberline are not just a design, it is not only technology, but it's something more ... ...... taht it is an art, the art of architecture ....

Latest Cooperate Videos from Amberline - "Windows from the North"
| 2014.08.08 - 07:21

Latest Cooperate Videos from Amberline -
"Windows from the North"
Presented on Corporate Media i TV Festival in Cannes.

Amberline - "Windows of the North": OPEN

Amberline new product film " Imagine that .....": OPEN

Amberline new corporate movie – “ The production process in Amberline Factory " : OPEN

after FRONTALE 2014
| 2014.04.03 - 11:01

Few days ago ended the most important event for window & door industry - FRONTALE 2014.
An unquestionable hit of the fair was the stall belonging to the window and door manufacturerAMBERLINE (Windows from the North).

The visitors' awe was inspired by both the stall's design, stylized as a classic art gallery, and the products, which undoubtedly were pieces of art as well.

Everyone who has visited the Amberline stall could feel like a guest in an enchanted land, and at the same time be exposed to modern and innovative high tech.

Amberline as a manufacturer puts great emphasis on high quality and the newest technological solutions. Both these factors have been represented by their stand in an interesting way.

The stand displayed stylish, modern windows, large sliding door and two types of aluminium facades. All products used solutions that should have a sizable influence on the environment protection, as well as a healthy, safe and comfortable lifestyle.

The two aluminium facades made a great impression on visitors and passers by alike.
But what made WINDOWS FROM THE NORTH stand out from the rank and file was the AmberSmart system, responsible for fully automated window and door functions integrated with an intelligent control system.
AMBERLINE'sproduct presentation was constructed in such a way, that each and every guest could, without instruction, intuitively check the operation of Amberline's intelligent systems and independantly, with the help of an iPad or Smartphone, close, open and slide windows and doors, control blinds and even change the transculency of glass.

In addition, at each full hour, a special interactive display was available, during which windows and doors functioned remotely, synchronized with a presentation, without human input.

For those needing a breather the displayer prepared a mini cinema, which showed a movie depicting the importance of art, quality and design in AMBERLINE's operating strategy.

Windows from the North are windows with class, windows with a soul, windows simply out of this world …. and the magic was everywhere: at the stand, in the film and in product presentation ….....

At the same time, we'd like to invite you to visit our 'Frontale 2014' photo gallery

Watch our clip about the fair watch

| 2014.02.19 - 07:44

If you want to know the newest HI-TECH products from Amberline Windows adn Doors Facotry - then you should visit to us on FRONTALE MESSE in Nuremberg.
Please visit us on 26.03 to 29.03 on our stand no 235 in Hall no 5.
If you want to see the unique window of the future? It is - the window with its own IQ!
Then you can not miss the unique interactive show, which will be prejected on every full hour on our stand : 235 in Hall 5 .

| 2013.12.31 - 15:42

Hall 1.1.
Stand: A166

Christmas wishes
| 2013.12.06 - 09:27

We wish you warmth
and comfort during Christmas time,
and new, broader perspectives
in the upcoming New Year.

The team of
Window & Door Factory

alwys fresh news
| 2013.10.15 - 11:56

Latest news, photo-reports and video reports on current events, offers and Amberline novelties - on social network FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE.

We invite you to join our Amberline e-community to keep up to date with what is happening in Windows and Doors factory in Kolobrzeg.

| 2013.09.18 - 10:23

On 02-05 October 2013 in Milan will be held, the largest construction fair in Italy: MADE EXPO.
MADE EXPO is one of the most important and prestigious events dedicated to the construction industry in Europe, therefore Amberline as a manufacturer of premium class joinery for the demanding, can't miss it .
Once again, Windows and Doors Factory from Kolobrzeg will be exhibiting the exposure of windows and doors at MADE Expo in Milan.
All interested parties wishing to explore new products, establish business contacts or just chat with Amberlines sales representatives are welcome to the stand V11 - Z12 in Hall No. 4

For more information about the event feel free to visit organizer's website:

| 2013.07.29 - 15:24

We launched new channels of communication with YOU. NOW we are now closer to our customers than ever before.
Newest current information can be found on AMBERLINE FACEBOOK and the current video reports of events and activities od AMBERLINE you can tube on AMBERLINE YOUTUBE .
Join the e-community of Amberline to keep up to date with events, news and promotions.

Certificated member of the nationwide organization of employers
| 2013.05.22 - 07:41

„AMBERLINE became Certificated member of the nationwide organization of employers that unites a credible and representative group of reliable manufacturers and vendors of construction woodwork and joinery products. the Polish Windows and Doors Association.

In may Delegation of Amberline Factory took part in one of the largest events dedicated to building products industry “Woodwork Polish Congress”, during which Amberline received member CERTIFICATE of the "Association of Polish Windows and Doors".

The highest level of organization of trainings on the new Amberline products for 2013
| 2013.05.02 - 10:48

High-class company.
High-class producer of windows and doors.
High-class products.
The highest level of organization of trainings on the new Amberline products for 2013 :
First-class professionals First-class hotel (***** Stars) Top class entertainment, including fishing excursion ended with cod catch success!
Thanks to our highly prestigious partners - representatives of Winkhaus, Veka, Adeco and Aluprof - for their support and cooperation in organizing the training.

Thank to all the participants for coming and active participation in the training program.
Soon the photo-report ..... Check the Amberline FunPage.

Happy Easter
| 2013.03.27 - 09:03

We wish you a Happy Easter
and revival of your perspectives.

Expoedilizia 2013
| 2013.03.12 - 14:52

We are pleased to invite you to visit our both in Rome at the Expoedilizia 2013 from 21-24 March hall 6 stand A/34 where top windows and doors 2013's trends will be presented

| 2012.12.17 - 11:03

Milan is famous for being the cradle of the famous brands in the world of fashion, such as Armani, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana. It is not without reason that in this world, capital of style, we decided to show the beauty of our amber windows.

Using the occasion of the International Exhibition of Architecture, Design and Construction MADE EXPO, our factory AMBERLINE showed perfectly prepared Italian public market for their products. Innovative and customized solutions aroused great interest among numerous customers visiting the construction industry, architects and individuals.

The greatest appreciation enjoyed collection of Alphaline window with shutters AMBERTERM available from both fixed and mobile fins. Enormous attention attracted the veneer in color winchester, well imitating loved by Italians wood, and perfectly preserved thermal performance of the window Uw = 0.86.

The entire collection of energy-efficient windows AMBERTERM attracted great interest.Visitors interest aroused also revolutionary solution called "warm reinforcement " THERMO-STAHL, allowe standard system 70mm mounting depth to meet the requirementslaid down for thermal energy-efficient building. This invention allows distinguishes AMBERLINE and strengthen its position in the industry as a manufacturer of energy-efficient windows with a relatively small installation depth and rounded shapes.

Italian customers appreciate the latest hardware activPilot Comfort pawl that allow the smart home ventilation, through permanent withdrawal of wings around its circumference and at the same time leaving them locked while maintaining class WK1 burglary. This solution fits perfectly into a fairly high moisture areas. The second presented fitting for those who appreciate the harmony of color finish was activPilot Select the " hidden hinges".

In addition to the wide range of PVC, the company introduced its products Amberline systems with thermal aluminum. The entrance door with double-sided filling line overlay modern stainless steel drive gear equipped with automatically controlled fingerprint reader, nominated this year for the Quality Award of the Year 2012 and raised sliding doors with automatic guided the pilot.

All these products have enjoyed the recognition of visitors and other exhibitors. Our company each depriving appreciation for the quality and appearance of their products. The result of this presentation are many established contacts to successfully bring the brand AMBERLINE runs one of the most prestigious centers of fashion and style.

| 2012.10.19 - 15:52

Ladies and Gentlemen
is pleased to announce that at the annual meeting organized by Aluprof, for the most important trading partners, on 21.9.2012 at Silver Hotel in Szczecin, our company has won the prestigious award for "Biggest Sales Growth in 2011".
Award from the hands of the Aluprof's Board - Mr. Thomas Grela (CEO and President) and Mrs. Margaret Wojtasik (Commercial Director and Member of the Board) received Mr. Roman Paszkiewicz.
We are very pleased that our aluminum products are widely recognized.
Because of Your trust, we managed to find in such an honorable group, for which we thank You".

| 2012.10.11 - 16:02

17-20.10.2012 Amberline would like to invite you to the MADE EXPO 2012 in Milan.
Our stand L05-P06 will be located in the hall number 18.
We will show our best quality windows and doors in ALU and PVC technology.
On our stand you will find standard windows and doors, sliding systems and presiennas.
What is more you will be able to experience our revolutionary solutions for energy savig windows named AMBERTERM.

Looking forward to see you AMBERLINE

| 2012.03.30 - 14:29

On 20th-23rd March 2012 we took part in one of the largest construction exhibitions of the Northern Europe – Nordbygg in Stockholm.

There were about 900 exhibitors from over 30 countries. As far as PVC windows are concerned our products distinguished themselves with the highest quality and innovative solutions.

During the exhibition we presented the newest solutions: aluminium slide door HST with automatic control and outer aluminium door with finger scanner.

Amberline stand was visited by thousand of visitors which confirms the attractiveness of the stand presentation and the product range ( standard inside opened solutions and traditional Nordic constructions opened outside and above all Top Swing windows).

| 2009.04.01 - 12:45

We would like to inform, that Dun company and Bradstreet Poland in cooperation with their partners, have rewarded our company with the Transparent Company Certificate. This reward is proof of reliability in compliance with the obligations of publishing financial statements.

The Transparent Company Certificate

| 2009.03.02 - 07:11

We are glad to inform about the awarded prize by the Greater Poland Department of Journalists Association Republic of Poland. Andrzej Górczyński from the Greater Poland Department of Journalists Association Republic of Poland stated: “It is extremely important for the public that people whom the journalists, companies or agencies are turn for, were kind and willing to cooperate, because it raises estimate of recipients. That is why we decided to pick up the Medial “10” of the Greater Poland from those who were the best to cooperate in the previous year.
Journalists, photo reporters, operators, editorial offices, associations or journalists organizations could cast their votes”. We found ourselves among the elite company.

The prize winners of Medialna “10” of the Greater Poland of the 2008 year were: the Medial “10” of the Greater Poland

Maciej Frankiewicz - zastepca prezydenta Poznania
Zbigniew Długi - Press Service
Jan Grabkowski - starosta poznański
Wiesława Wędołowicz - AMBERLINE Plastico
Michał Iwaszkiewicz - rektor WSUS
Zbigniew Paszkiewicz - rzecznik Policji Miejskiej w Poznaniu
Kazimierz Pałasz - prezydent Konina
Zbigniew Grochal - aktor
Tadeusz Wallas - dziekan UAM
Jacek Bogudziński - Imperial Tobacco Polska

Medial “10” Greater Poland

| 2009.02.09 - 13:13

On 6th February 2009 in the Building and Environmental Engineering Department in Poznań, we had this pleasure to conduct the lecture in scope of the subject of “constructions, materials, technologies in low-energy and passive buildings.” The lecture could have been held in favour with Mr Błażej Zgoła, PhD.
The subjects of the meeting were the issues concerning the window and door carpentry for low-energy and passive buildings. The lecture was conducted by Aleksander Majer on behalf of Veka Poland Company and Mr Jaroslaw Dziuba, the head of technical department of Plastico Company. Thanks to the experience in scope of the low-energy carpentry and support of profiles producers, we were able provide useful information regarding the issues concerning the application and energetic estimation of the buildings. It was very important to share the knowledge about the strength of constructions in connection with its abutment.

Post-graduate students were acquainted with the installation of windows for low energy houses. Approximately 150 students took part in the classes. There were engineers with different specialties, architects, and people with high education degrees especially on technique –economics specialties.
We gladly inform that we have been invited to conduct the next meeting on the Building and Environmental Engineering Department of Poznań Technical University regarding carpentry for the energy-saving and passive houses. Auditorium – Building and Environmental Engineering Department

Auditorium – Building and Environmental Engineering Department

| 2009.01.22 - 01:01

Our AMBERTERM window awarded first prize – golden medal of Poznań International Fairs. Our innovative window was produced from profiles for energy –saving houses of a transfer coefficient U=1,0 and two-chambered glazing filled out with krypton of a transfer coefficient U=0,4. Thanks to that we have managed to achieve fantastic transfer coefficient equaling only U=0,7 [W/(M^2*K)] for all the construction. The reward handed Mr Olgierd Dziekoński – vice minister of infrastructure and Ms Wiesława Wędołowicz- the President of Plastico was the one who received it.

Golden medal of Poznań International Fairs

| 2009.01.20 - 22:00

We have obtained MTP AMBERLINE on BUDMA Fairs Amberline stand on Budma Fairs in Poznań 20-23rd January 2009. Extension 5 stand no 47.

Stand – Amberline –

| 2009.01.12 - 12:14

On 9th January 2009 Mr Janusz Gromek the Mayor of Kołobrzeg has visited us in the factory. The Mayor arrived with New Year wishes. After a visit to the workshop our Mayor was impressed by our modern machinery park as well as and a system of information flow. The Mayor was interested in the machine for milling arcs -
Trycky as well as the machine for cutting muntins. During the visit he was talking to some of our stuff. At the end of the visit he wished all the best in 2009 year.

President in Plastico

| 2009.01.09 - 09:34

The Mayor at Plastico. Charity help by Plastico. The funds provided by our company helped to organize a concert. "Let's help to survive" took over the patronage of: Member of Parliament Sebastian Karpinuk, The Mayor of the Kołobrzeg City Janusz Gromek, the governor in Kołobrzeg Artur Mackiewicz, and Edyta Herbuś was the guest of honour.
The action succeeded. Were collected over 12 thousand PLN, which Michal Bednarczyk’s parents destined for a transplant of stem cells in the Clinic of Oncology in Moscow.

The script- thanks for Plastico

| 2008.12.03 - 14:28

Plastico brand is not only known and appreciated on the European continent, an example of this may be our last fruition on the Caribbean islands.

| 2008.09.01 - 12:26

22nd-23rd August ’08 The second day of meetings with our trade partners was marked by sports. The most emotional part were marine attractions: “PARKER 900 Baltic” ( named RIB) boat cruise (its engine’s power is up to 500km), Ark yacht cruise (under the supervision of bosun) and sea rescue demonstration. Another hit was ”mega foosball” in which the players were "attached" to their positions. Matches were very fierce and final seconds determined the outcome. However, on that day there were no winners and losers; both teams received prizes. For fans of rock climbing –the rock was available on which everyone could have tested their climbing skills. Of course, there also was a buffet where people could eat grilled food.

| 2008.09.01 - 09:13

During the annual meeting of the Plastico company with trading partners in the harbour there was a presentation of new colours of veneers made from amber glasses from the range line. The ceremony was honoured by the presence of the Mayor of Kolobrzeg, Mr. Janusz Gromek and member of POSEŁ Mr. Sebastian Karpiniuk. Plastico, as the first window company in Poland, demonstrated the revolutionary fittings ActivPilot of Winkhaus company. During the Caribbean Night filled in performances: Polish Horse cabaret, Exotic Tercet, Brazilian dance of Ax Bahia Show group, visitors from the dozens of Polish cities and abroad participated in the ceremonial of launching new line products.

Caribbean Night

| 2008.07.01 - 09:56

On 4th August 2008 there was a training in Winkhaus Poland company. The training was held in two stages:

1. Getting to know the innovative solutions of Winkhaus Company
2. The service of WH windows program. The training took place in Winkhaus company in Rydzen at the Przemyslowa street.

| 2008.05.15 - 12:29

On 8th May 2008 we have organized the seminary for the local building companies, architects and design offices in Kołobrzeg. The seminary was held on topics of “The windows for energy saving houses.” The presentations caught attention of the listeners as the subjects were wanted and current. We attach the program of the seminar for you to download. For all interested the seminar materials will be available.

Mr. Jarosław Dziuba – PLASTICO Windows Factory in Kołobrzeg – technical department head.

Energy passport of a building.

I. Energy certificates for buildings

1. Directive No 2002/91/EC and legal bases in Poland
2. Energy certificates for buildings
3 "10" steps to energetic certificate

II. Passive houses and saving energy houses

1.Definitionof energy -saving and energy-efficient passive building

III. Double glazing for passive houses and energy efficient.

IV. Theoretical thermo-graphic studies

1.The basis of thermo-graphic testing
2. Thermovision technique application in the process of improving the efficiency of energy

Ula Haake – expert of VEKA AG, Germany - a specialist in the design of the design PVC system. The design of static possessions of window carpentry in the zones of wind burden

II Thermal insulation of windows - isotherm proceeding Aleksander Majer - VEKA Poland - technical advice system.

Inspection, testing VEKA system solutions for the requirements of European standards

I. Properties of window joinery supplies in accordance with the requirements of PN-EN 14351

II. Safety rules of ownership concerning declarations of the windows to the CE mark

III. Specific requirements regarding wooden window frames in the corner zone of buildings in the wind load zones.

Krzysztof Mataj – SFS INTEC – trade-technician advisor

I. Presentation of the principles of windows installation in both: energy efficient and passive houses.

| 2008.05.15 - 12:28

Excellent global profile is ETHOSONIUM, which is only available in the Plastico offer. Great design with a unique shape compared to the market profiles, fashion-inspired southern Europe, will be the product that will meet the expectations of many customers who want to "stand out” from the crowd.
Profile will be available in white and all colours from a palette of VEKA Poland, and the colour palette RAL. Details will be soon available.

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