In order to ensure the best quality of our doors and windows, Q-Zert certification was awarded by the IFT Rosenheim Institute in Germany.
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The revolutionary technology of glass bonding into the window profiles.

Sophisticated shapes and big measurements of window constructions “without limits”. Current technology makes it possible to create big glass surfaces of above standards measurements, even of tier height.
The technology of bonding thermo-isolated glass into the window sash increases statics and stability of the construction and rises heat isolation up to 15-20% as well as acoustics isolation; it protects from burglary more efficiently.
In accordance to bonding glasses with the Glass Bonding method we use specially prepared polyurethane glue made by Sika Industry Company. Bonding the packs of windows (that are delivered by Press-Glass company), with window profiles is done on the circuits, where is the technological necessity. Bonding the packs of windows takes place in the invisible area which protects glue from the influence of weather conditions as well as harmful ultraviolet radiation.The adhesive has high initial strength and short hardening time.
To go beyond previous limits of sash dimensions makes possible to produce large glaze surfaces by more than the standard size, even the tier size. Here can be used up-to-date, narrow leading area profiles, as well as elements on unusual shapes such as diamonds, arcs, trapezoids and triangles.
The technology of PVC profiles is vanishing. The availability of windows made from veneer profiles, reflecting natural wooden structure is common.
Thanks to the varnishing technology of PVC profiles surfaces it is possible to produce windows in all RAL palette colours. It becomes possible while designing elevations and arranging interiors in residential buildings as well as public utility.

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