In order to ensure the best quality of our doors and windows, Q-Zert certification was awarded by the IFT Rosenheim Institute in Germany.
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Certificates PVC and ALU

Proof of having the highest quality of windows and doors is our Q - Zert Certificate, obtained at IFT Institute in Rosenheim, Germany. Window and door carpentry is being recognized in accordance with the new European norm EN 14351 - 1:2006. The IFT Q-ZERT European Certificate of Quality is available only for VEKA profile windows producers.

IFT Rosenheim rules for certifying windows with the European Quality Mark are based on combination of:

technical requirements included in the Harmonized Norm EN 14351-1 confirmed by the results of constructional solutions research by a producer and the RAL Quality Marking assuring the high quality of a produced profile with the requirements defined by ISO 9001 concerning the organization and preparation for production as well as the service of the company.
Below there is .pdf document to download European Quality Certificate IFT Q-ZERT obtained by AMBERLINE Ltd.

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